Smart power bench


  Smart power bench (SPB)





Tuning motorcycles


-Advanced Tuning

-Professional Tuning

-Motorcycle diagnostics

-Simulate ride for AFR maps measurement      

-Simulate the aerodynamic drag

-Provides measurement of power and torque

-Facilitates measurement of VE maps for tuning




New features in version 1.07:

  • Possibility to whenever edit note in protocol.
  • You can set the measured units separately for temperature, pressure, power, torque and speed.
  • Software updates. Software will check automatically version of firmvare of SPB ECU. If it is different it will be automatically reinstalled.
  • The software is also able to recognize damaged firmware in ECU of SPB and reinstall it.
  • Ability to set a coefficient expressing the losses on a motorcycle (engine, transmission-rear wheel) description bellow:
The new programme for measuring performance parameters features correction of measurement results. The ACTIA performance parameter measurement is a high-precision measurement system. This ensures repeatability of measurements in various climatic conditions on a single motorcycle over the course of several days.
The only limitation of the method is the influence of mass moments of inertia of the rotating parts within the motorcycle.
Due to high moment of inertia of the SPB station, the significance of the above limitation is negligible; systemic error of measurement in the very heavy systems of H-D motorcycles is at -4% to -5%. The influence is one-directional and decreases the measured performance compared to reality. From experience, we learned that it is important for a tuning centre to be able to accurately measure improvements in performance by comparing the measurement results before and after modification. Here, no correction is needed. However, motorcycle owners care about the highest measurement results that they can then discuss with friends. To this end, we equipped the measurement system with an option to set a correction factor which is determined by the motorcycle design. The main
factor is the estimation of weight parameters of two key components.
We set the following as parameters for a reference motorcycle:
1/ ENGINE HD Twin Cam 1500 ccm (correction factor 2.5%)
2/ REAR WHEEL fitted with 160/70 R17 tyre
(correction factor 2%)
Therefore, this reference motorcycle’s correction factor is 4.5%.
This factor is set as default in the system.
The user can make their own adjustment of both correction factors in the range of 0-9%.
You can use the following examples as a rough guide for custom settings:
A/ ENGINE Vtwin 2000 ccm – correction factor 3.3%
REAR WHEEL fitted with 300 mm (R17) wide tyre
– correction factor 3.8%
For this motorcycle, the estimated total correction factor is 7.1%.
B/ ENGINE Evolution 883 ccm – correction factor 1.5%
REAR WHEEL fitted with 150/120 R16 tyre – correction factor 1.8%
For this motorcycle, the estimated total correction factor is 3.3%.
The above examples show that when using the default correction of 4.5% on such different classes of motorcycles (without further adjustment) as HD SPORTSTER 883 and custom motorcycle with a 2000 ccm engine and 300 mm wide tyres, measurement errors are within 2.6%. This systemic error is within parameters for laboratory class equipment and is completely negligible in relation to the influence of engine temperature stability, fuel heating value, quality of anchoring of the motorcycle on the station (prevention of the wheel slipping on the roller) etc.



Select units

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nastaveni korekce 2


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Manufacture and construct in Czech Republic ( ACTIA CZ )

-Additional cooling of the motor

-PC connection

-Providing rear tyre temperature measurement


Manual for SPB is at Diag4bike.kniha











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