Telematic Control Unit

Remove TCU

1. Step


Select BCM customization

BCM Customization

click on the-> Remote Immobilization->

Click on the button change (blue arrow) for new value ->Not Installed->

->OK ( green arrow) and click on the Confirm button (Green arrow)


DO NOT SELECT INSTALLED if motorcycles is not equipped with Remote Imobilization or it will disable the motorcycle.

This feature is only available for select countries.

All configurations must adhere to country and local regulations.

2. Step

  • Turn Ignition OFF
  • Disconnect and remove TCU

note: Remove main fuse and follow the service manual

3. Step

  • Turn Ignition ON
  • Go to Diag4Bike -> BCM Customization->Telematic Control Unit -> Not Installed _> Green arrow

4. Step

  • Cycle ignition
  • Start Engine


If engine start the proccedure is OK. -> Turn Ignition OFF

If engine not start -> Repeat the TCU Deactivation and Removal Procedure.

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