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Lights setting options

HeadlampStandardDual Halogen/Road Glide
Auxiliary/Fog light ControlAlways OnOff with Lo BeamsOff with HI Beams
Auxiliary/Fog light OperationLegacyP/A Dash SwitchFartory Dash SwitchP/A Hand Control SwitchFactory Hand Control Switch
Front turn signalIncandescentLed
Rear turn signalIncandescentLed
Turn Signal/Stop lampTurn signal lampsDedicated brake lamp
Run Lighting in AccessoryON (non CVO)OFF (non CVO)OFF CVOON CVO

Accessori delle luci


(STEP1) You have to click on the Toolbox and continue


(STEP 2) BCM customization (Double click on the left button for continue)

Lights configuration


Change and Confirm

Button video

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